What is labiaplasty?

A labiaplasty is usually performed to improve the appearance of a woman’s external genitalia. This area consists of the clitoral hood, labia majora and labia minora. Although the appearance of that region varies from person to person, some women have enlarged, sagging or darkened areas that they’d like corrected. Sometimes, the extra length in the labia causes discomfort or pain. Usually, an abnormal labia results from childbirth, age, or genetics.

What is involved in a labiaplasty?

In direct consultation with you, Dr. Sargon Bebla will determine what you want to be changed and can usually remove darkened skin, as well as tighten up any stretched-out parts.* The details of the procedure depend on your specific needs and condition.

Will a labiaplasty improve sexual satisfaction?

Although increased sexual satisfaction isn’t the primary goal of the procedure, you may experience greater sexual satisfaction when excess skin in the region is removed.*

What does a labiaplasty entail?

A few different types of labiaplasty are available, so consult with Dr. Bebla to determine the right one for you. A labia minora reduction involves trimming the inner lips of the labia and is usually performed on women who experienced distortion of the labia due to childbirth. The wedge method changes the appearance of your labia completely as it removes unwanted skin.

What are the risks?

It’s an outpatient surgery, meaning you go home the same day. The surgery is considered safe for healthy women but can result in discomfort. Long-term side effects in rare instances may include changes of sensation in the region, discoloration, infection, scarring, and irritation around the vaginal area.

Post surgery, you’ll be required to refrain from sexual intercourse for about 4 weeks, or until Dr. Bebla clears you for it. You’ll need a driver to take you to and from the surgery.

Labiaplasty in Modesto, California

For women in Modesto and the surrounding areas, we recommend scheduling a consultation to discuss labiaplasty with Dr. Bebla. If you have any immediate questions or concerns, please call us at (209) 409-8513.

*Individual results may vary; not a guarantee

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